Bhutanese Music

Its my second post from the kingdom of bhutan. So far everything has been really peaceful and thrilling. The weather is starting to get a little warmer than before.

Well today, our tour guide gave me a bhutanese music cd, and I have been listening to it all morning. The songs are slow and very soothing to the ears. 🙂 The songs are by the artist “Dechen Pem” and “Rinchen Namgyal”.

Tomorrow I think I will run down to the music store and grab some more few copies of Bhutanese music and try to make out the meanings of the songs. From what I hear almost all modern Bhutanese music are based on love and pop and some instruments mainly used are guitars and the piano.

Anyways I searched google for Bhutanese Music, and from the results, there is a social networking site which has a lot of bhutanese music in its library.

Check out the songs for yourself.

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Bhutanese Music