Bhutan Information Technology and Computers

Bhutan it seems has been slow in implementing information technology and computers.  Infact, it was only in 1999, that Bhutan had introduced the INTERNET to the people of Bhutan. It could be regarded as one of the last countries to join the world wide web.

But from what I hear, since 1999, the information technology growth in Bhutan has been rather fast, with the upcoming of many ISPs in the country, e-governance, online websites. Prior to the internet, the only Bhutanese websites that existed were the tourist or travel websites which were put up to give out information to potential visitors to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Now,  there are thousands of Bhutanese websites, with a more than a hundred government sites and many more including the leading three newspapers. People are also starting to write blogs, participate in online discussion forums and so on.

With the internet came many jobs such as web programmers, database administrators, web designers and web hosting.

There are even some web hosting companies which cater exclusively to the Bhutanese people.

Drukhost is one such Bhutan Web hosting company which started just one year ago. Jigme Phuntsho, one of the two people who started the company happened to be a relative of my guide, and I asked him what made him think of starting such a company. He said the main reason he started the company was that he wanted to offer the people of Bhutan choices, he also went on to say that the services provided by the government owned ISP were not upto the mark despite being alot more expensive. Well from what I found out his hosting packages were indeed comparitively cheaper and had more features.

To be continued….