A snowy day

Today’s been a rather cold day with snow falling since morning. The roads would be blocked by the snow, and only way to go buy my battery pack would be hike 1 mile down the street. Looks like I dont have anything else to do at home, might as well just go for a walk and buy the batteries on the way.

I hope it stops snowing and the weather clears so that I can drive down to the supermarket tomorrow and get my groceries.

Pam and jenny stopped by that time, and I must say those three hours were the most boring moments of my life. Next time they show up, am gonna walk out the back door.

Thats it for today.


welcome to my weblog

Yeah right, its been too long since blogs have come up here and there, but I still hadn’t. So today I decided, I might as well and go get one like everybody else.

Anyways, welcome to my blog, I am janet, a 22 year old coming into terms with life. Well I’ll be using this blog to express out my inner thoughts.