obama baracks on google different keyword

Ok, this should be weird, or google’s algorithm isnt working that well.

Moments ago I searched for the term “how to create beautiful website” on google, and guess what, instead of showing me relevant results related to web design, Barrack Obama’s official site came up on the number 2 spot in the search results page.


Partying in Phuntsholing

Ok, I spent my valentines night partying in a club/bar called “greenvile” in the southern town of Phuntsholing.

The music was mostly Indian with a little of hip-hop and RnB, I’d say the music was not good, but most of the people seemed to be enjoying the night. Basically my valentines date was my guide Cencho. He seemed to know alot of girls though:)

Will be heading to Thimphu again.. I think I really need a rest. good night!

Happy valentines day

Wish you all a happy valentines day!

Ema datsi

My trip to bhutan has been nothing but extra ordinary. Each passing day, Bhutan gave me different little surprises.

Well last night, I had been given Ema Datsi for supper. This is a Bhutanese delicacy eaten by everyone in Bhtuan.

Its basically green or red chillies boiled, with cheese added later on.

I will get the recipe and post it here if you guys want to try it out for yourself.

Update: I have found a recipe for ema datsi.

Bhutan Information Technology and Computers

Bhutan it seems has been slow in implementing information technology and computers.  Infact, it was only in 1999, that Bhutan had introduced the INTERNET to the people of Bhutan. It could be regarded as one of the last countries to join the world wide web.

But from what I hear, since 1999, the information technology growth in Bhutan has been rather fast, with the upcoming of many ISPs in the country, e-governance, online websites. Prior to the internet, the only Bhutanese websites that existed were the tourist or travel websites which were put up to give out information to potential visitors to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Now,  there are thousands of Bhutanese websites, with a more than a hundred government sites and many more including the leading three newspapers. People are also starting to write blogs, participate in online discussion forums and so on.

With the internet came many jobs such as web programmers, database administrators, web designers and web hosting.

There are even some web hosting companies which cater exclusively to the Bhutanese people.

Drukhost is one such Bhutan Web hosting company which started just one year ago. Jigme Phuntsho, one of the two people who started the company happened to be a relative of my guide, and I asked him what made him think of starting such a company. He said the main reason he started the company was that he wanted to offer the people of Bhutan choices, he also went on to say that the services provided by the government owned ISP were not upto the mark despite being alot more expensive. Well from what I found out his hosting packages were indeed comparitively cheaper and had more features.

To be continued….

Bhutanese movies

This evening I went to watch a Bhutanese movie.

Its quite something else when you have to watch a movie in a foreign language with no subtitles.

The movie was quite funny going by the actor’s actions.. haha..

that should be an experience.. anyways.. went clubbing after that movie..

our guide Sonam seems to know alot of people in the night club scene.. was fun.

NO KFC in Bhutan

After eating all these delicious Bhutanese food, I somehow missed fast food and to my surprise I was told there were no international fast food chains like KFC, burger king and macdonals in Bhutan .. . 😦

On the other hand, it is good that they haven’t set foot here, especially these days with the young obese kids all over the place..

Bhutan does offer great food such as the ema datsi(Chilli and cheese) and dried beef(shakam) and dried pork (sikam).

Bhutanese Music

Its my second post from the kingdom of bhutan. So far everything has been really peaceful and thrilling. The weather is starting to get a little warmer than before.

Well today, our tour guide gave me a bhutanese music cd, and I have been listening to it all morning. The songs are slow and very soothing to the ears. 🙂 The songs are by the artist “Dechen Pem” and “Rinchen Namgyal”.

Tomorrow I think I will run down to the music store and grab some more few copies of Bhutanese music and try to make out the meanings of the songs. From what I hear almost all modern Bhutanese music are based on love and pop and some instruments mainly used are guitars and the piano.

Anyways I searched google for Bhutanese Music, and from the results, there is a social networking site which has a lot of bhutanese music in its library.

Check out the songs for yourself.

Bhutan community

Bhutanese Music

My vacation to Bhutan

Well, past few weeks, I have been travelling and visiting places.

Due to the submarine cable cut in the oceans, internet in Bhutan and Nepal were highly hit, as of which I could not post.

Anyways, now that the internet is back, I will talk about Bhutan.

I am in Paro today, been travelling this tiny kingdom of Bhutan for several days. Some of the things that Bhutan really interests me its sheer beauty and the innocence of the people. The weather here is nothing to be laughing about though, as it snowed 2 to 3 times since I reached here.

Paro is a 2 hours driver from Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan.

Anyways I will be in Bhutan for another 4 days after which I will head to Nepal and India. More information on Bhutan and can be found on this site:


Cheap tour package bhutan

A snowy day

Today’s been a rather cold day with snow falling since morning. The roads would be blocked by the snow, and only way to go buy my battery pack would be hike 1 mile down the street. Looks like I dont have anything else to do at home, might as well just go for a walk and buy the batteries on the way.

I hope it stops snowing and the weather clears so that I can drive down to the supermarket tomorrow and get my groceries.

Pam and jenny stopped by that time, and I must say those three hours were the most boring moments of my life. Next time they show up, am gonna walk out the back door.

Thats it for today.

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